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Senior Tools Programmer (Machine Learning team)

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Senior Tools Programmer (Machine Learning team)

We are looking for an experienced programmer to develop ML-powered creative tools for AAA games. You will be responsible for designing and implementing the tools’ user experience. Your goal is making ML driven creative tools that are intuitive and fun to use. Our team uses a variety of software and it will be up to you to prototype interfaces that meet the user where they are, whether that’s a web app or plugin for Blender. If you are passionate about generative ML and AI-human collaborative creation then this role is for you.

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The Senior Tool Prototyper will report to the Director of Creative ML.



Responsibilities and Duties

  • Design and implement the user experience for ML-powered tools
  • Gather requirements from stakeholders
  • Iterate on tools based on team testing and feedback
  • Main advocate for the user on the ML Team



Experience and Skills required

  • Experience developing creative tools (e.g. for art, music, or game dev)
  • Generalist software designer/prototyper - breadth over depth
  • Knowledge about graphics, 3D engines, and content (e.g. polygons, UV texturing, rigging, and keyframe-based animation)
  • Ability to pick up new software languages and paradigms (e.g. how to create a plugin for a new piece of software)
  • Comfortable with rapid prototyping



Preferred Qualifications

  • Game engines (especially Unreal)
  • UI/UX Design
  • Game development
  • 3D content creation tools (especially Blender and Houdini)
  • Generative ML (e.g. running Colab notebooks)
  • Familiarity with plugin development (e.g. building a Blender plugin)
  • Familiarity with full-stack web development

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