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Senior Online Programmer

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Senior Online Programmer

We are looking for an experienced Senior Online Programmer to join the Haven Entertainment Studios project team. The Senior Online Programmer will be acting in the full stack composing our game, from developing and maintaining game features to instrumenting, operating, providing debugging tools and frameworks for all parts of our distributed solution. They will be involved in designing and implementing systems that can scale with large populations of players and be easily maintained in the long run.

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Responsibilities and Duties


  • Design, instrument and operate online services
  • Integrate online features into the game engine in a multiplayer context
  • Implement workflows to adapt to the Sony online ecosystem
  • Provide frameworks to our teammates to help them be proficient with our full stack
  • Work on setting up our infra as code
  • Work on CI/CD and task automations



Experience and skills required


  • Experience in related jobs
  • Be proficient in C++ programming, experience with Unreal Engine is a plus
  • Experience with cloud platforms, containerisation and orchestration
  • Experience with Sql and NoSql databases
  • Experience in testing and scaling online services



Preferred Qualifications


  • Knowledge of a back-end programming framework (Golang)
  • Knowledge of frontend frameworks
  • Knowledge of logging and monitoring stacks (ELK, Prometheus / grafana)

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