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ML Researcher - Large Language Models

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ML Researcher - Large Language Models

We are looking for an ML Researcher passionate about game engines and LLMs to join Haven Entertainment Studios. You will be responsible for the development of machine learning agents and applications to be used by the production teams in the development of AAA video games. You will work in every stage of development, from Colab experiments to live models being used by our production team. If you are enthusiastic about generative ML and the future of game development then this role is for you.

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The ML Researcher will report to the Director of Generative ML.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Ideate and prototype LLM applications to be used by the production team
  • Transform successful prototypes into robust applications that can be used as dev tools
  • Work with the team to develop our long-term LLM strategy


Experience and Skills required

  • Deep understanding of LLMs and the growing ecosystem around them (e.g. langchain, PEFT)
  • Comfort with rapid prototyping and hacking pre-existing models/notebooks
  • Self-motivated, collaborative, good communicator

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience fine-tuning large language models
  • Experience with prompt engineering of text and image models
  • Experience with game engines and game development
  • Experience with natural language code generation

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