Haven is a creative space where ideas, passion, and fearless optimism thrive.


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We exist to craft havens that spark endless wonder.

We’re creators, designers, engineers, artists, and builders.
But we’re also players.

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Haven is a creative space where ideas, passion, and fearless optimism thrive.

We’re connected by our passion for great games and the wondrous memories they create.

A space where ideas grow the more we nurture them with feedback and support. A space where success comes when we try new things and learn so that we’re constantly improving. A space that welcomes big ideas, critique, and collaboration. A space where creativity is celebrated across all disciplines, roles, and titles. A space where the best work is measured by how much it inspires play.

We grew up playing. We stayed up all night. We wouldn’t quit until we downed the boss, solved the puzzle, beat the other team, or finished building our village. That feeling of endless joy and wonder is why we’re passionate about what we do.

Those passions became our work. We’ve built careers making the games you’ve loved—games that broke boundaries, challenged conventions, and created lasting memories. We’ve built entire worlds, pioneered new ways to play, and created games that continue to set the bar today. And we’re just getting started.

We’re a place that makes space for all to wonder, to build memories, to create, to play. We’re Haven.

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