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Women @ Haven

Women @ Haven

Welcome to our Women @ Haven video series!

Kicking off our Women @ Haven series, meet Kelly, one of our writers working on Fairgames. She shares insights on the future of the games industry, and some great career advice for aspiring game developers.

Women @ Haven - Kelly

Up next for our Women @ Haven series, please meet Flora, one of our multi-talented producers working on Fairgames. Flora shares a bit about the role of producers in game dev, what it is like working at Haven and has a great piece of advice for people looking to get into the industry - jump in!

Women @ Haven - Flora

Now for the Women @ Haven series is Elaine, one of the exceptional UX Designers on the Fairgames team! She shares the many learning opportunities that being in the UX field presents, speaks to how Kirby may be the most relatable game protagonist of them all, and provides a bit of advice for anyone in a professional setting - take care of yourself.

Women @ Haven - Elaine

To close out the Women @ Haven series, we have Vanessa, one of our outstanding Animators bringing Fairgames to life. Vanessa shares her pathway to join the gaming industry, what it means to work at Haven, and what the support role in a heist looks like for her!

Women @ Haven - Vanessa

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