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Introducing Fairgame$, a competitive heist experience coming to PS5 and PC

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Introducing Fairgame$, a competitive heist experience coming to PS5 and PC

Introducing Fairgame$, a competitive heist experience coming to PS5 and PC

Haven Studios Creative Director Mathieu Leduc shares the first details on Fairgame$.

The team and I are super excited to finally unveil the project we’ve been working on here at Haven. Our first new IP,  FAIRGAME$ is a fresh, modern take on the heist genre. In a nutshell, this is a thrilling competitive heist game where you join an underground movement to rob the ultra-rich and rebalance the scales.

Welcome to FAIRGAME$

I’ve always been passionate about creating new IPs that offer a sense of mystery and a window into different subcultures of society. In many ways, I feel like my own experience, and the collective experience of our entire team, creating new IP and working on captivating multiplayer games, has led us here. FAIRGAME$ will give you an opportunity to break the rules as a modern-day Robin Hood, a thrillseeker or just someone who wants to collect cool loot. Trespass inside forbidden locations around the world, fill your pockets like a kid in a candy store and unravel the nefarious plans of untouchable billionaires.

We founded Haven with the goal of making the kind of games we all love to play. As huge fans of competitive multiplayer experiences, FAIRGAME$ came from a desire to create a new type of PVP game with emergent sandbox gameplay. We want to deliver a fresh multiplayer experience that rewards creativity and mastery, and delivers surprising stories each and every time you play.

Every member of our team shares our vision to create welcoming and inclusive multiplayer experiences that glue communities together. This shared enthusiasm is the driving force behind our heist fantasy - how it really encourages you to work together in crews to plan and execute epic heists in the style and fashion you want. 

FAIRGAME$ will be coming to PS5 and PC, and we hope you are as excited about the game as we are. For now, we are heads down and focused on bringing FAIRGAME$ to life and we will share more as soon as we can.

I would like to send a special shout out to the entire team at Haven for their exceptional work and the passion they bring to everything they do.

For more on FAIRGAME$ and to get updates on the game, follow us on social @play_fairgames. See you soon!

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